Lad Outta Yorkshire (Rose Magcessory Front Plate)

Lad Outta Yorkshire (Rose Magcessory Front Plate)

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Tha can tek lad outta Yorkshire… front plate pin to fit our authentic rose Magcessory backing plate.

With a quality imitation cloisonné enamel finish, this design comes in five different colour options, making a perfect gift or keepsake for any proud Yorkshire lad. Now that’s class.

Backing Plate:
I'll 'ave a piece

Mateials: Our Magcessory front plate pins are made from nickel plated or black dyed iron pin with imitation cloisonné finish.

Attachment: Pin with deluxe clasp.

Size: Approximately 36x35.2x1.5mm plus pin/clasp.


10% of our profits are donated to the Yorkshire-founded charity, Andy's Man Club (Registered in England and Wales 1179647), helping them provide a platform for men to talk and a support each other in a safe, peer-to-peer setting • • #itsokaytotalk.