Deluxe Pin Clutch

Deluxe Pin Clutch


We know how annoying it can be if the clutch on your favourite pin fails. That’s why we use the deluxe clutch on the majority of our products. It has a superior quality to the traditional butterfly clutch — this often catches people out who mistake the effectiveness for a faulty piece!

However, we recognise that anything potentially has the ability to fail or get lost, especially with such small parts. For peace of mind, we have made these tiny but crucial Magcessory components available as a standalone option.

Metal Plating:
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Materials: Our Magcessory deluxe pin clasps backing plate is made from zinc alloy, which is finished with either nickel plating, black dye, or rose gold plating over nickel.

Size: The clutch is approximately 6mm long and 10mm at its widest point.