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our supporters


Every business relies on many ‘behind the scenes’ pieces to keep things together. As well as Andy’s Man Club, our Piece Brokers and you, our Piece Keeping community, the following acknowledges the organisations whose fantastic support has shaped who we are today, and who we have yet to become.


As a student of Enterprise, Oli, our Master Piece Maker, found inspiration, support and encouragement from the philanthropists, academic staff, peers, network ambassadors and the outstanding Spark Business Start-Up Team whilst at The University of Leeds. With a youthful spirit and a heart filled with Yorkshire-inspired passion, Oli took took a huge leap of faith from behind a blindfold of naivity to start piecing things together. It is these amazing people who gave us the financial, emotional, practical and moral support to get Piece it Together Design this far, and whose influence and support continues to guide us into the future. Our debt of gratitude will only ever be expressed by doing the best we can do in the circumstances that present themselves each day and, in the words of Kairen Skelley, Head of Spark, we hope to one day “come full circle” and support future generations from the benefit of our own experience.


It is some time since we first met Abigail and Chloe, also graduates from The University of Leeds whose design agency was born during their time at the university. Who’d have thought our introductory chat would sow the seeds for our collaboration over 2 years down the line! Buttercrumble have been a true delight to work with and we really enjoyed how they engaged with our vision and love for Mags the sheep in piecing together the evolution of our brand.


From our base in Halifax, we are privileged to have the support of our local further education college in developing the business. We are also delighted to be exploring ways to involve their learners in a piece of the action.


We are honoured to have our base in the same town as this inspirational building — built in the 18th Century to support the trading of pieces of cloth. Other than sharing a piece of our name, The Piece Hall Trust and community have been an incredible source of support and inspiration on our journey so far. It is also an excellent place to start exploring our thriving locality in Calderdale, check out one of our local Piece Brokers, or simply enjoy this amazing space and the great variety of indepedent shops, bars and restaurants, both facing onto the courtyard and nearby.