First and foremost it is our intention to show respect towards the Earth and its inhabitants.

We do this by acting with kindness, honesty and humility.



Based in Yorkshire it is perhaps no surprise that we are heavily influenced by nature. However, our environmental concerns run deeper, with both marine and land-based conservation around the world shaping our founder’s outlook long before we began piecing together what we do today. That is why you can rest-assured we maintain a watchful eye on how to deliver our mission with a genuine respect for our planet and all those our activities might impact upon.

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And true to our principles, we’ll be honest — it isn’t always easy and we know there is a long way to go but we are committed to this value and have embedded it as a consideration since our earliest days. That’s why you will find sustainable elements throughout our operation, like our biodegradable cellulose and recycled cardboard packaging, or our backing cards made from cotton t-shirt offcuts. We even have our suppliers on board — some are in the business of sustainability, while others have worked with us to reduce plastic from their packaging because they understand how meaningful a piece it is in what we do.


Giving BACK

In life and in business we have been very fortunate to experience some amazing things at the best of times — and benefitted from incredible support at the worst. Ultimately, the world isn’t a very fair place and so it is important to us to feel that we are sharing the benefit of our experiences to enrich the lives of others.

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Our future vision is to become enablers of co-creation, offering worldwide reach to our collaborators that provides them with opportunities they would otherwise never have imagined possible.

This is an ambitious goal and on our journey towards it we choose to behave as a “good citizen”, piecing together opportunities to inspire, support and collaborate as we go.


Most of us understand how difficult communication can be but recongise the benefit of doing it effectively. At Piece it Together Design we wouldn’t be where we are today if we hadn’t learnt to listen, especially when it doesn’t feel very comfortable.

We’re not perfect, and never will be. Imperfection drives creativity and paves the way to be better each day. Our business is not about us, it is about our community — the piece keepers, piece brokers and piece makers who love and share in what we do. And we couldn’t do that unless we remain open to receiving feedback and suggestions without prejudice.

We look forward to hearing from you.